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Own your virtual office in the heart of Wrocław! cena: 0.00 PLN

Województwo: Dolnośląskie
Miasto: Wrocław
Ulica: Plac Solny 15
Osoba / Firma: Idea Place
Telefon: +48 71 34 09 200
Strona www:

A virtual office at Idea Place is a modern and unique solution for your company. Take your business with you wherever you go! 

In Idea Place You can:
-Register your company at the prestigious address – Plac Solny 15 
-Re-direct your correspondence to us and we will inform you about your mail, we will send a scan by mail or fax 
-Use Virtual Office 
-Use full service of your correspondence - receiving, scanning, sending and transmitting 
-Fixed-line phone number with re-direction to your mobile phone

We understand and support your work – we will recommend you an experienced accountant, a trusted layer, a creative designer or a company creating websites. 
Our offer:
Ideal Office Mini:
-Providing an address for the registration of your business, company or association
-Handling of incoming correspondence
-Receiving faxes, notifying and/or sending to the specified e-mail or fax
-Keeping company documentation in an individual, lockable cabinet
-Access to the common part of the office
-20 % discount for access to workplace

We also offer the Ideal Office Standard (which includes own telephone line with the possibility of re-direction to another number) and the Ideal Office Maxi (which includes place for company plate at the entrance to Idea Place and free 4 hours in the Meeting room per month).

Find more information on" target="_blank"> or call us 713409200

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